What Is Branding? The Importance Of A Strong Identity & 10 Companies Creating Core Brand Values


Every one of us has at least one brand we’re loyal to. Whether it’s a drink, a wearable electronic device or a piece of gym apparel, a strong brand identity encourages consumers to create a continuous relationship with a company. While there are likely many factors that contribute to this brand loyalty, a majority of successful companies are the result of carefully thought-out branding across many channels and platforms.

What Is A Brand And Why Do You Need One?

It is very common for people to equalize the words “brand” and “company.” While there surely is some overlap, the two should be seen as separate terms.

To put it simply, a “company” is the organization that produces or sells products or services, while a “brand” is the image a company creates for its product. In other words, a company or a product can be a brand, but brands are not necessarily companies.

Examples of famous companies that are also brands include Sony and Nike, while examples of branded product lines produced by more unbranded companies are Gillette, Pampers and Duracell, all of which come from a parent company: Procter & Gamble.

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